Created in Paint.


Angelina Chica said...

this totally looks like rice paper to me. great texture! i need to find out more about what you are doing here.

mull-berry said...

Hey, girl! I made this in the Paint program that comes with your computer. I explain how to do this on my Misc. Art blog ... scroll down to "Achieve Depth by Layering, Part 1 through 4."

Other examples are on my ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ blog.

I can't get HTML to work this morning, so the links are:

misc.art blog: http://color-talk.blogspot.com/

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ blog:http://a2zphotos.blogspot.com/

or get link via my profile page.

Angelina Chica said...

Very cool! I love Paint, still. So easy. I read some of the woman's blog about this project, but I don't understand if it something she created, or was inspired by. I'll check out your links. ty

mull-berry said...

This year is the third year for Project Spectrum. Each year it is a little different due to suggestions from the participants. I'm pretty sure that Lolly started it herself. She has other groups that she belongs to that specialize in knitting, etc. I like this one because your not limited to any one medium.