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Created in Paint.

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Kathryn said...

I'm not sure exactly where to answer your questions on my blog.

First: The note about the firsts is because I put it in a Flickr group called My 1st Attempt and I wanted to document why I added it to the group. I did the design on graph paper first, so it was not all stitch and go, but I did miscount the stitches on the Es, so they are one stitch smaller than they should be. The first one was at the end of GRACE, so I would have to rip all the letters out AND recalculate ALL the spacing again, since every name has an E. Oh, well. I also did the basketball baskets as graphed and I really should have spaced them farther apart. They look a bit cramped. I have some other designs planned but for the second bib, I just wanted an easy pattern already graphed. I should be finished today and have it up on my blog this evening.

Secondly, Art. I think just pointing you to the website will explain what the foundation does. It's partly for computer manipulated photography and part for straight figurative photography, both areas of photography that have little support in the "art" world. It's not for entirely digital art -- there are some venues for that like MacWorld and Adobe contests.