Project Spectrum 2.0

Lolly Knitting Around is once again hosting Project Spectrum 2.0. It is basically an exploration of the color wheel ... within each two month span there will be three color groups to choose from in any form you choose. The color break down is as follows:

February/March - blue, white, gray
April/May - green, yellow, pink
June/July - red, black, metallics
August/September - brown, orange, purple

To celebrate the colors around us, participants are encouraged to explore any medium in each color group. Mediums include, but are not limited to:

crochet - weave - dye - decoupage - spin - build - stitch - knit - paint - scrapbook - sew - quilt - construct - cook - grow - collage - photograph - bake - bead and more.

Visit this Project Spectrum Flickr group for discussions and photos. Click here to read about last years project.

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